Monday, February 7, 2011

INTC - Intel Stock App Investing

Stock Symbol: INTC

Company Name: Intel Corporation

Company Website:

Sector: App Network Infrastructure

About Intel

Intel Corporation is an American global technology company and the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. It is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers. Intel was founded on July 18, 1968, as Integrated Electronics Corporation and is based in Santa Clara, California, USA. Intel also makes motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphic chips, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing. Founded by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore and widely associated with the executive leadership and vision of Andrew Grove, Intel combines advanced chip design capability with a leading-edge manufacturing capability. Originally known primarily to engineers and technologists, Intel's "Intel Inside" advertising campaign of the 1990s made it and its Pentium processor household names.

Intel App's

Intel announced on August 2010 that the company has acquired Infineon's WLS (Wireless Solutions Business) for US$1.4 billion, signifying Intel's return to the mobile App communications sector.

Whether Intel will be able to maintain Infineon's 11% market share, or whether other vendors will take this opportunity to gain bigger market share are among the influences of this deal closely watched by the market.

This acquisition deal is another Intel strategy for the future development of mobile App communications baseband chipset industry in 2011.

Closing Price as of February 4, 2011 - $21.68

2 Year Projection: +59%

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